BEER ATTRACTION is the international exhibition dedicated to speciality beers, craft beers and food for the Horeca channel.

It is organised by Italian Exhibition Group in collaboration with UNIONBIRRAI. The media partners are GBI and Il Mondo della Birra. The event is sponsored by Italgrob.

Beer Attraction presents itself with an original, dynamic format in which all the links in the chain and goods categories that serve the HORECA segment are represented. 

The companies in attendance present their new ideas in an interactive environment, showcasing their products in innovative foodservice proposals. Ample space is set aside for the contents and events, which focus above all on enhancing the professionalism of the operators, so investing in the development and growth of the industry as a whole.

At BEER ATTRACTION the entire beer chain is represented and, starting from the 2017 edition, the event is accompanied by FOOD ATTRACTION, the section entirely dedicated to FOOD for the Horeca channel, staged in collaboration with FIC – the Italian Federation of Chefs.

FOOD ATTRACTION is a trade event with an original and innovative format that combines speciality beers with food specialities made in Italy – and much more – for the new formats in the field of eating out.

BBTECH EXPO, the trade fair for beer and soft drinks will be held simultaneously with BEER ATTRACTION.

BEER ATTRACTION, from Saturday 17 to Tuesday 20 February 2018, targets all the trade operators in the chain.

  • Beer attr action is the international fair dedicated to speciality beers, artisan beers, food and beverages for the Horeca channel.
  • Beer attr action has now reached its fifth edition, firmly-established as a point of reference for all foodservice operators. As well as showcasing the most comprehensive range of national and international offer of beers and drinks, through the brand FOOD ATTRAC TION, the fair also offers an enormous variety of food for the Horeca channel.
  • Beer attr action, in collaboration with FOOD ATTRAC TION, has made its mark internationally for its original and innovative format, bringing together speciality beers and speciality foods for eating out.
  • Beer attr action, coming soon, from Saturday 16 to Tuesday 19 February 2019, exclusively for industry professionals. On Saturday 16 February only, the fair will also open its doors to those who simply love food and beer.
  • A Beer attr action features representatives from right across the industry, running simultaneously with the BB TECH EXPO, the beer and beverage technology trade fair. The winning formula of “fair within a fair” brings together beverage producers with companies selling ingredients, processing technologies and packaging.