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Press release of the 22/02/2017 17.18.49 ( download )

The winning combination of beer, technology and food, with a focus on business, internationality and training. WATCH THE VIDEO

.Rimini, 21st February 2017 . Beer Attraction 2017 drinks a toast to the success of its third edition, which, with its winning format, led to it tripling. In fact, the expo´s core business, specialty beer and craft beer, was joined by two new sections - Food Attraction, dedicated to new metropolitan proposals for food service, and BB Tech Expo . Beer & Beverage Technologies, a section dedicated to technologies for beer and beverages . which completed the event´s format, enabling to integrate the three product chains with an increasingly business-oriented and international viewpoint.

Organized by Italian Exhibition Group with the patronage of Italgrob and in collaboration with Unionbirrai and FIC (Italian Federation of Chefs), Beer Attraction involved authoritative partner from the three different sectors: Cast Alimenti . the school of culinary arts, CERB . Italian Brewing Research Centre of the University of Perugia, Department of Agri-food Science of the University of Udine, NIP . Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli, Pizza & Pasta and many more.

The 2017 edition chalked up truly successful figures: there were 20,685 visit (42% more than 2016), 430 exhibitors (+23%), 600 business meetings (there were 300 last year) with highly profiled buyers from 15 nations, 90 events (contests, seminars, competitions such as Unionbirrai´s Beer of the Year and FIC´S Italian Cuisine Championships, show cooking and technical workshops) and 184 journalists and bloggers from Italy and abroad accredited, ensuring an extraordinarily high profile on the major media and social networks.

Beer Attraction showed its value as a completely new event for the market, thanks to an original dynamic format of product chains and sectors at the service of the Horeca and beverage technology trades. Exhibiting companies participated in an interactive manner, highlighting their products in the context of innovative food service proposals. The contents of the events targeted above all the professionalization of the trade members of the three different sectors, contributing to the overall development of their respective markets.

Last Saturday, at the ribbon cutting, entrusted to Emma Petitti, Emilia Romagna Regional councillor for budget matters and institutional reorganization, participants included Rimini town councillor for Economic Activities, Jamil Sadegholvaad and Lorenzo Cagnoni, president of IEG Italian Exhibition Group, the company founded with the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza. On stage with them, Melissa Cole, beer sommelier and world-famous journalist, and Gert Klötzke, chairman of the Culinary Competition Committee of the World Association of Chefs´ Societies and ex- captain of Sweden´s national chef team, and.


IEG president Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, ´Beer Attraction, already a strategic business hub of the food & beverage chain, has definitively confirmed its status as an appointment that´s a must for members of the Horeca trade and held in the most suitable period of the year for them. Having brought together the professional skills of top master brewers and great chefs in an area such as Rimini, which is unique for its concentration of venues and innovative formats, ensured that extra know-how indispensable for multiplying business and launching worldwide trends.´

IEG managing director Corrado Facco adds, ´Italy´s beer chain was the key player of this edition. The sector´s experts were able to appreciate the considerable increase in quality, as well as the innovation of the production technology. We can therefore assert that Italian style is once more confirmed as a forerunner of interesting developments at international level.´

The next edition of BEER ATTRACTION will be held from 17th to 20th February 2018, while the upcoming IEG expos in the Vicenza venue are, from 25th to 27th February, Pescare Show, from 5th to 7th March Rac Moda Calzature and from 11th to 14th March, Koinè. The Rimini centre on the other hand is preparing to host (from 15th to 17th March) ENADA Spring and, from 17th to 18th March, Elettromondo.

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