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BEER ATTRACTION 16 - 19 February 2019 is the international exhibition dedicated to specialty beers, craft beers and food for the Horeca channel.

BEER ATTRACTION is the international fair dedicated to specialty beers, artisan beers, food and beverages for the Horeca channel. BEER ATTRACTION has now reached its fifth edition, firmly established as a point of reference for all foodservice operators. As well as showcasing the most comprehensive range of national and international offer of beers and drinks, through the brand FOOD ATTRACTION, the fair also offers an enormous variety of food for the Horeca channel. >>continue


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Italy: From All Over the World for Beer Attraction

CISION - The international appointment with speciality beers, craft beer and food for the HORECA channel brings together the elite of world connoisseurs.


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The Flea's brewery launches the first artisan beer made of air

The Birra Flea microbrewery in Gualdo Tadino, central Italy, has brought a new recipe to beer: air.

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